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It's Time to Think Differently About Employee Benefit Plans

We stay focused on market trends, so you don't have to.

How to keep your employees happy.

Recruit, retain and reward your employees.

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How to retain your star employees.

Years of experience have prepared us to help you recruit and retain key talent.

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Explore 5 common succession options.

1) Family transition; 2) Partner succession;    3) Sell to an ESOP; 4) Open market sale;            5) Professional association choice.

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We can help with:

  • Employee benefits
  • 401(k) and other retirement plans
  • Business succession strategies
  • Salary continuation and disability insurance plans
  • Business partner and other key man life insurance plans
  • Executive benefit plans
  • Group long-term care insurance
  • Personal and family protections

Bob's experience emphasizes business partner buy-sell agreement funding, trust owned insurance and retirement plans sponsored by small business. Of particular interest Employee Stock Options Plans (ESOP) funding and partner buy-sell trust funding which help the owners of privately-held companies reach their retirement and business succession goals. At some point in time, everyone must slow down and realize the fruits of their labors.

Many times, insurance products can be used to bonus the star executives in a company on a tax favorable basis assisting the business to recruit, retain and reward key talent. Bob has been providing individuals and businesses their employee benefit plans since 1994 and is licensed in Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Washington (WA license # 210222).

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